P1 Sports Day

Why I loved my Darling Daughter’s school sports day.

  1. The Principal started off by saying not everyone can be winners
    In a move that was painful to parents but so great for the kids, the principal told the kids at the start that not everyone could win but that playing was worth it anyway. DD came away with no medal that day and I think she learned more that way, about grit and resilience. Hers was the only team in her class who did not win a medal and it was a little sad but we got through it with a little chat and an outing for lunch.
  2. Team games
    Many schools only do “proper” sports for their sports day for P3 upwards. I’m not sure if it was because ours is a new school that only goes up to P4 but all the games were team games with the classes competing against each other. Everyone got to participate. That meant kids were on teams with some not-so-athletically talented classmates. This was a great experience of learning empathy and patience. All the kids gave it their all and had so much fun.
  3. No separation by gender
    Girls and boys at 6-8 years old do not have much physical difference in their abilities and they were treated as equals. I think this is really progressive of the school. Lays down a foundation for mutual respect between the sexes at an early age.

Being a “neighborhood school” where we receive this education for pennies and tax dollars, I couldn’t be more grateful for the culture and ethos of our school.


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